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Consultation | Expat Tax Q&A

Tax and accounting consultation for expats living or sourcing income from Colombia.

The choice to live in Colombia is an exciting decision, but it comes with new responsibilities.  Colombia’s unique tax laws can be confusing for new expats, and understanding the filing deadlines, tax management strategies, and reporting requirements is an important first step to calling Colombia home.

If you think you will need to file taxes in Colombia this year, we are here to provide you with a full consultation on your duties and obligations.


Colombian Expat Tax Consultation

Turn uncertainty into confidence through our Colombian expat tax consultation. We can run you through the basics and get you up to speed with what it means to file taxes in Colombia. Topics covered may consist of:


  • How does the DIAN work?
  • What is a RUT?
  • How are the tax brackets are structured?
  • What are the standard deductions available?
  • When is the filing deadline?
  • How to get caught up on my unfiled returns?
  • Do I need to report my foreign assets or bank accounts?

Estimate Your Tax Liability

Put your mind at ease and avoid surprises come filing season. With our tax planning simulation to forecast this year’s tax liability, we will run you through the expected tax you will owe considering your income and deductions. From there we can help you plan the best way forward and consult you on any additional strategies or deductions available.

Become a client and work with us

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