Jeffrey Shurtleff, Enrolled Agent, MBA

Jeffrey Shurtleff
Enrolled Agent, MBA

Jeffrey is a US Tax Accountant that graduated from California State University, Long Beach with an MBA. His formal education and professional experience in tax, accounting, and finance are both extensive and wide-ranging. After becoming a licensed tax accountant, he founded Yorktown Main – Tax & Accounting; a professional tax firm in Huntington Beach; a coastal city located 1-hour south of Los Angeles, California.

Jeffrey has prepared thousands of federal and state tax returns for individuals, families, and small to medium-sized businesses. He has represented a large number of U.S. taxpayers and businesses, including American Expatriates, before the IRS and other state tax authorities. As a founding partner of, he splits his time between California and Medellin where he works in-person with clients that are living or doing business in US and Colombia.

Jeffrey, who has visited over 30 countries, noticed an increasing demand for US tax and accounting services all around the world. This demand was never more present than in Colombia. After multiple visits to different cities in Colombia, Jeffrey decided to call Medellin his second home. He feels fortunate to be able to use his expertise in a place that he also loves.

As an undergraduate, Jeffrey studied business Spanish at the University of Granada in Spain. He is fluent in both Spanish and English. In his free time, he enjoys running, kickboxing, and spending time with his family in California. He also enjoys learning Salsa and Bachata but admits he has a long way to go.

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Jeffrey Shurtleff, Enrolled Agent, MBA

Paula Cruz
Public Accountant – UdeA

Paula is a Colombian Public Accountant who graduated from the Universidad de Antioquia. Before opening her own accounting practice, Taxes and Accounting Solutions, she worked for an ambulance company located in North Carolina, USA. During this experience, she became highly proficient in working with US based businesses. Paula is fluent in English; including those terms and concepts unique to businesses.

Paula opened her accounting practice in 2012 because she realized that a growing number of English-speaking expats needed tax, accounting, and business services in Colombia. Paula took the initiative to help meet this need. She designed a portfolio of services specifically for expats that included: Colombian income tax preparation for individuals and businesses, visa applications, international wire transfers and relocation services.

Paula is recognized as an industry leader in helping English and Spanish-speaking expats in Colombia. By partnering with Jeffrey and creating, she was certain their combined skill sets would help expats substantially in meeting both their US and Colombian tax needs.

Even after living more than 14 years in Medellin, Paula has never forgotten her hometown in the state of Caldas, one of the states of the Colombian Coffee Zone, located 3-hours south of Medellin. In her free time, she enjoys visiting her hometown, where her family still lives to this day, and traveling to new places around the globe.

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Jeffrey Shurtleff, Enrolled Agent, MBA

Our Story – Edificio Rose Street Headquarters

After visiting Medellin multiple times, Jeffrey was strongly considering Poblado as a new place to call home. One day while browsing Facebook, he stumbled upon Paula. He was so impressed with her professional reputation within the expat community, he was convinced they should meet in-person. He instantly recognized that they both helped US Expats meet their tax filing obligations; just in two different parts of the world.

Since US expats are required to file taxes in both America and Colombia, he saw a great opportunity for them to work together. By combing their services, he knew expats could meet their worldwide tax reporting obligations with far more ease than any of the options they currently had available. After a few discussions, Paula came to the same realization; by working together they could do it all in one place.

Only one year after meeting, was born; an international partnership of tax professionals made to improve the lives of US Expats in Colombia. Today, Jeffrey and Paula work side-by-side in their newly constructed office near Parque Lleras in Medellin.