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Income Tax & Reporting
For U.S. Expats in Colombia.

We’ve partnered the expertise of U.S. and Colombian tax accountants
so our clients have a comprehensive solution to their worldwide tax
reporting obligations; right here in Colombia.


Tax experts with proven credentials. Federally-recognized in the U.S. and Colombia.


Trilangual in English, Spanish, and International Tax. Details don’t get lost in translation.


Specialists in cross-border taxation. Modernized techniques with a hometown feel.

Becoming a Client
Starts with a Consultation

About Us

Jeffrey B. Shurtleff, MBA EA, returned to Medellin, in 2017 and founded While here, he quickly heard the buzz about Paula Cruz, CPA, a well-known English-speaking expat accountant who had opened her own practice in 2012.

Jeffrey instantly recognized that they both helped U.S. Expats meet their tax filing obligations, just in different parts of the world, and from there the alliance was formed.

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