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SAS Registration & Licensing

SAS Registration and Business Licensing for Expat Owners in Colombia.

If you are starting a SAS here in Colombia as an expat, there may be uncertainty about the different processes and procedures. can be your partner to support you through these processes with confidence.

Company Registration

Our services start at the very beginning of your business’s journey. 

When you want to open a SAS in Colombia you will need to start with registering your business with your local chamber of commerce. Each town has a chamber of commerce, meaning if you are registered in Medellin, Envigado, Cali, Bogota, or another city, you will register with that local chamber.

In Colombia, when you register a SAS you will need to dedicate a certain amount of money as subscribed or paid-up capital. There is no mandated minimum amount. However, based on the startup capital you will need, or based on your industry’s standards, you will be able to determine your best option.

During this process, you will also establish your articles of incorporation. Articles of incorporation are a set of formal documents that contain key information about the SAS. For example:

SAS legal name

Street address

Legal representative

Amount and type of stock

Partners in the business and percentage of ownership

In addition to company registration, you can also register your trademark and copyright your brand.

Tourism Licensing

Colombia has a flourishing tourism industry and starting a SAS to serve this industry is a popular choice among expat SAS owners. There are many benefits, including certain tax exemptions of IVA. However, in order to receive these, you will need to be registered with the Registro Nacional de Turismo.

If you are looking to start your SAS and register the company with your chamber of commerce or the Registro Nacional de Turismo, reach out directly to to schedule your consultation today!

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Here at, we have experience in assisting our clients with these key SAS requirements and more. Book an appointment today by emailing to help you get started on your SAS business requirements.

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