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Reporting Assets Outside Colombia

Annual declaration of assets held abroad

Similar to reporting requirements in the U.S. such as FBAR or Form 8939, expats with residency in Colombia are required to report foreign-held assets over a certain threshold on DIAN Formato 160. This is not a tax but is simply a reporting requirement, and our team has the experience required, assisting hundreds of ex-pats to fulfill this obligation. 

Form 160: The Annual Declaration of Assets Abroad is established for taxpayers who have assets with a combined value of over 3,580 UVT, or 136,054,320 COP in 2022.

The taxable year must be declared according to the nature and type of all assets held as of January 1 of that year. Some assets whose value must be included are:

Bank Accounts
Investment Accounts
Art, Collectables

This reporting requirement is submitted as apart of our client’s annual tax declaration. Make an appointment today by emailing where you can learn more about your unique tax situation and if DIAN Formato 160 will apply to you.

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