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Notices & DIAN Representation

At we can provide a full range of tax and accounting services including assistance and representation with DIAN notices.

DIAN Notices and Representation

Similar to the IRS, the DIAN has the ability to send you notices and request audits of past returns. In the unlikely event that this may happen to you, your team at has the experience to assist you with these notices and represent you in finding solutions. 

In Colombia, the statute of limitation for the DIAN to request an audit is 5 years, as opposed to 3 years with the IRS. This means that if you are claiming dedications, it is important that you keep the proof of them for the full 5 year period.

Common reasons the DIAN may reach out to you and send you a request for an audit or more information include:

Difference between reported income on your returns and their system

Review during the visa or residency process

Random selection

International wire transfers and legalization of invoices paid

Whatever your situation may be, you can be confident in our team to support you through the process. Reach out to us directly at to book a consultation today. 

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