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DIAN Income Tax Statement

For expats who reside in, or source income from Colombia, you will be required to report on DIAN Form 210 or 110.

Reporting taxes in Colombia has both similarities and differences to reporting in the U.S. For example, in both countries, you report your worldwide income and assets, and there is a progressive tax bracket system. However, in Colombia, one of the differences is that everyone reports on their own income and assets, and there is no option for married taxpayers to file jointly. 

If you reside in Colombia more than 183 days per year, you are considered a tax resident and you will report your income and assets on Form 210. If you are not a tax resident but still earn income from Colombian sources, you will report on Form 110.

Our team has experience filing on behalf of expats for the better part of a decade! Even though there are differences between Colombian income tax reporting and that of the U.S., our clients rarely notice those differences, since they will receive a fully managed service that is organized and supported by our team.

The tax season in Colombia for individuals starts in August and ends in October each year and filing late can incur penalties, late fees, and interest. Each year the DIAN will issue a schedule of when individual filing deadlines will fall based on the last numbers of your cedula.

Past Due Returns- 1

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