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Become a Client is a cross-border alliance of bilingual tax experts offering a one-of-a-kind solution to the reporting challenges that Americans face in Colombia. Since 2018, we have streamlined our professional tax and accounting expertise, simplified the process of dual reporting, and made the lives expats easier.


New Clients start with a Consultation


During the consultation, we will guide you through the complexities of expat taxes, help you to master the basics, and give you a roadmap to meet your tax obligations with confidence. You will get to know us, we will study your personal tax situation and subsequently provide a fixed fee estimate for the service you require.

Clients are Year-Round

Tax preparation clients have access to our team year-round where tax help is available and in most cases at no additional charge.  Most clients fit into one of three customized categories described below. Fees are based on complexity and categories are designed for:



First-year expats who have just moved to Colombia. 

Meets standard 1040 filing requirements for those without expat forms or schedules

Starting from


Those required to file with both the IRS and DIAN. 

A federal filing service inclusive of common expat requirements such as forms 1116 and 2555 

Starting from


Expats fully invested in making Colombia their home. 

Federal filing service inclusive of complete expats forms such form 8938, and FinCIN 114

Starting from

Based on your filing complexity, you will be placed into a category of the filer, and any extra services such as reporting rental property or foreign corporations will be additional.

Book a consultation

with Jeffrey B. Shurtleff

Learn how to take control of your tax obligations, put your mind at ease, and take the mystery out of tax season. The most common questions for U.S. expats in Colombia consist of:


  • What are my U.S. tax reporting obligations while living in Colombia and what services do you provide to meet them?
  • What can I expect when having my U.S. taxes prepared while in Colombia?
  • What services are available for my U.S.-based business?
  • What are my options to avoid being double-taxed?
  • When do I have to file?


  • What are my reporting requirements when I have bank accounts in local banks like Bancolombia, Scotiabank, or Davivienda.
  • When do I need to report my foreign bank account(s) in Colombia?
  • I own property, stocks, or other assets in Colombia, do I need to report?
  • I transferred money to Acciones y Valores s.a, to purchase a property, do I need to report this transaction?


  • How do I file jointly with my foreign spouse/ obtain an ITIN for my Colombian spouse
  • Will I have to pay taxes in both the U.S. and Colombia?

Individual Income Tax Filing

Residents (form 210) and Non-Residents (Form 110) that live or earn income in Colombia are almost always required to file taxes with DIAN 

Starting from
$600,000 COP

Business Bookkeeping

Expats with residency in Colombia are required to report foreign-held assets above a certain threshold.

Starting from
$250,000 COP

Past Due Return

If time has gotten away from you or you’re just learning you should have previously reported, we can help get your filing up to date.

Quoted based on requirements

book consultation paula

Book a consultation

with Paula Cruz
Public Accountant, UdeA

The most common questions asked and answered during this consultation U.S. expats filing requirements in Colombia consist of:


  • How does the Colombian tax system work?
  • This is my first time filing Colombian taxes, what can I expect? 
  • How can I estimate my taxes in Colombia?
  • What reporting obligations do I have for my Colombian-based business?
  • What is the difference of Renta Liquida and Renta Presuntiva 
  • When do I have to file?


  • How can I receive international transfers from my account in the U.S. to my account in Colombia?
  • Do I need to report my foreign bank account(s) outside of Colombia?
  • I own property, stocks, or other assets outside of Colombia, do I need to report?

Other General FAQ

Can I email my questions regarding my personal tax situation rather than have a consultation?

No, due to the complexities of each individual’s unique tax situation we can not answer questions that involve tax advice for new clients over email.

What is your payment policy and how are your fees structured?

  • Prices are based on the result of your onboarding consultation that will reflect your unique filing requirements.
  • In order to be able to focus on providing the best results, prices are disclosed upfront, offered under no obligation, and payable in advance. Unless your actual filing obligation changes significantly from your disclosed information on the onboarding consultation, you can be confident that there will be no changes in fees or surprise charges. 

What would disqualify me from being a client?

  • We do not entertain inquiries on strategies of tax evasion.
  • We can not offer discounted pricing structures.
  • We focus on servicing clients who have filing obligations in the U.S., Colombia, or both.
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