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ITIN Application for NRA Spouse

ITIN Application for an NRA Colombian Spouse

When it’s time to file U.S. taxes with your Colombian spouse, the team at walks you through every step of the process, from applying for an ITIN to completing your tax returns.  

Unlike Colombia where there is no option to file a joint tax return with your spouse, filing your U.S. tax return jointly with your spouse can offer a wide variety of benefits. However, most U.S. taxpayers who are newly married to a Colombian citizen (U.S. Non-Resident Alien, NRA) will encounter a number of roadblocks when filing their first tax return together, specifically when an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is being requested. To facilitate the tax filing process for those without social security numbers, the IRS assigns ITINs.

First, the IRS recognizes marriages that either:

Took place in the United States and is recognized by either a state or territory

Took place in another country and is recognized by the country, such as Colombia

The IRS recognizes same-sex couples regardless of whether the marriage took place in the U.S. or Colombia. And regardless of when the marriage took place, the IRS views the marriage to be valid for the entire year. So, even if you married on December 31, 2021, your first tax filing year as a married couple will be the 2021 tax year.

NRA application for a Colombian spouse of a U.S. expat expert accountants

How to Apply for an ITIN

When requesting an ITIN the first time for an NRA spouse you will need to complete Form W-7 along with a signed declaration, submitted with a paper-filed annual tax return.

 However, before attempting this process on your own, there are several benefits of consulting with an experienced Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA), like Jeffrey B. Shurtleff, MBA, E.A. at

What is a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA)?

A CAA is a person or entity that the IRS authorizes to carry out the application process and assist individuals and foreign nationals to apply for an ITIN. A CAA has a written agreement with the IRS to review necessary documents and authenticate the identity of foreign nationals when completing and submitting forms to the IRS.

There is mandatory training to become an IRS authorized CAA, including a formal Forensic Document Training ensuring CAAs are able to determine the authenticity of identification documents. New and returning CAA applicants must submit a certificate of completion with their application form to the IRS.

Additionally, the IRS conducts physical and correspondence compliance reviews to ensure CAAs are maintaining quality standards. It is mandatory that CAAs cooperate with IRS compliance checks and failure to do so results in termination of the CAA title.

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Working with a CAA at

certified acceptance agent approved irs service tax account experts colombia expats

The entire ITIN application and tax filing process becomes smoother and saves time when working with an experienced CAA. Jeffrey has a written agreement with the IRS that allows him to authenticate identification documents in order to help foreign individuals submit ITIN applications.

 As a result, our clients have access to a licensed and experienced tax professional making sure the ITIN application is completed correctly, allowing our clients to file in a way that redeems the most benefits.

It is possible to apply for an ITIN directly with the IRS as opposed to using a CAA. After correctly completing the application, you would mail it along with your spouse’s Colombian passport and paper tax return where the processing time can last up to 14 weeks. However, when you have Jeffrey complete your ITIN application and tax filing, you’ll have your passport returned to you and your tax documents filed in a fraction of the time and guaranteed to be done correctly.

Apply For Your ITIN with

Save time and avoid the hassle by completing your first tax filing as a newly married couple with our ITIN service at We verify that the IRS recognizes your marriage, that the NRA spouse is eligible for an ITIN, as well as complete the ITIN application and file your taxes as a married couple, so you receive the most benefits.

If this sounds like something you are looking for, get started with your ITIN application by booking your onboarding consultation with Jeffrey today

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