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U.S. Federal Income Tax Return

U.S. Income Tax Return For Expats in Colombia

As federally-licensed tax practitioners, our expertise starts with Form 1040—but it’s our experience helping expats in Colombia that makes us unique.

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If you have recently become a U.S. expat in Colombia, it’s not unusual for you to be wondering, “Why would I file taxes in the U.S.? I don’t even live there!”

About 9 million American citizens are living abroad and the United States is one of the few countries that require its citizen to report worldwide income. In fact, if you look inside your U.S. passport, you will see the tax requirement outlined.

Whether you’re living, working, or doing both, it more likely than not you’ll need to file a tax return. This is required for: 

Anyone with an American passport

U.S. permanent residents (Green Card holders)

Non-Resident Aliens (NRAs) with U.S.-sourced income

More recently, the IRS has dramatically increased enforcement efforts. For example, delinquent tax debt may now prevent someone from renewing their passport or having it revoked.

U.S. Income Tax Preparation in Colombia

We provide transparency with our fees through our standard, moderate, and multiplex pricing categories that cover most, if not all, of your tax reporting needs so you can file with confidence.

Form 1040 | U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

The most common tax filing form is Form 1040. Many taxpayers are already familiar with this form. We will use the 1040 as a summary page of your entire tax picture, and all required forms and schedules will flow into your 1040.  

The vast majority of U.S. taxpayers abroad still need to complete 1040, even when the tax calculated equals zero. Due to certain exemptions or credits, it’s not uncommon for Americans abroad to not owe any federal tax.

Plus, even if you fall into the tiny minority of expats who aren’t required to file 1040, a good strategy is to still file because there is no statute of limitations for unfiled tax returns that were required. This is known as a “protective return”. It starts the clock, forcing the IRS to request documentation or ask questions within the three years statute of limitations instead of a surprise request a decade into the future.

There are variations of the 1040 form, including:

1040: U.S. citizens, green card holders, substantial presence, U.S. sourced

1040NR: Someone who may need to report is not a U.S. citizen. They made money temporarily in the U.S. or had investment returns but didn’t meet the citizenship or green card holder requirement. Beware of misinformed tax preparers. If you have an American passport or green card, you’re always required to file1040, not 1040NR.

Authorize E-Filling U.S. Tax Returns with Adobe Sign

Our licensed and experienced tax accountants are ready to manage your U.S. federal income tax filing, as well as all your other expat reporting needs for the U.S. and Colombia. is one of the only firms serving U.S. taxpayers with a physical presence in Colombia. We are conveniently located in Medellin, one block Parque Lleras, serving clients across the country. You’ll have direct access to expat tax professionals and be able to satisfy U.S. and Colombia tax reporting requirements confidently without stress. Make an appointment and become a client today.  

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