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Boutique Tax Firm in Colombia

Our story started with a problem, an alliance to solve it, and a giant leap of faith. The result is

Jeffrey B. Shurtleff, MBA EA, a California native and a federally-licensed tax practitioner, returned to Medellin, Colombia, in 2017 and founded Having visited over 30 countries, he spotted a fast-growing expat community in Colombia and foresaw the need for U.S. tax and reporting services in the country. Plus, Colombia was quickly becoming a second home, so expanding his existing firm (Yorktown Main – Tax & Accounting) in a country he loved so much was a win-win.

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Jeffrey quickly heard the buzz about Paula Cruz, CPA, a well-known English-speaking expat accountant who had opened her own practice in 2012. Prior to her own practice, she had worked with a U.S.-based company, where she had perfected her English and familiarized herself with working among the standards of U.S. businesses and accounting.

Both Jeffrey and Paula saw an excellent opportunity to work together. By combining their expertise in U.S. and Colombian taxes, expats can now have a convenient, reliable, and personalized tax solution. Jeffrey and Paula work collaboratively, offering niche services to help clients with reporting requirements in the U.S. and Colombia. is one of the only firms servicing U.S. taxpayers with a physical presence in Medellin, Colombia. The office is conveniently located near Parque Lleras and services clients across Colombia, including Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. While many budget expat tax companies do everything behind a screen where you never get to know your team, Jeffrey and Paula believe in providing a boutique, high-touch experience for every client.

This means you have direct access to expat tax professionals who are located in and extremely familiar with the country. In addition, you can meet with our team both online and in person—whatever works best for you.


EA | MBA | US Tax Accountant
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Colombian Tax Accountant
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Licensed Tax Professionals

Jeffrey and Paula are federally-licensed tax professionals in their respective jurisdictions. Their credentials can be trusted and verified online in both the U.S. and Colombia.

We Speak Fluent English, Spanish, and Tax

Essential details are never lost in translation when you work with Our entire team is highly proficient in English, Spanish, and taxation.

Friendly and Transparent Experts

Navigating cross-border taxation can be overwhelming when the rules are so murky. That’s why is dedicated to fairness and transparency; in our services and in our fees. Friendliness, however, is customary and what’s expected in Colombia.

Contact Today For Expat Taxes in Colombia

We specialize in tax and reporting in the U.S. and Colombia. This encompasses far too many services to squeeze into one website. So if you’d like to confirm whether or not we provide a service you need, use our online form or email us at

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