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Visa Applications & Enrollment can assist expats through an in-depth visa consultation

The choice to live in Colombia is an exciting decision! Maybe you came to work, or for love, or to invest in a new future, but whatever took you here, we are glad you came.

Your new life in Colombia will be filled with beautiful experiences, but it comes with new responsibilities.  Colombia’s unique visa laws can be confusing for new expats or those looking to secure themselves a visa to call Colombia a permanent home.


Visa Overview

There are three visa categories. They are V for visitors, M for migrants, and R for residents.

Colombia Visitor Visa (V)

This visa is for foreigners wishing to visit Colombia once or several times or to stay temporarily in the country without this being permanent, such as on a tourist visa. For many countries, this is issued upon arrival at the airport and needs no prior coordination.


Colombia Migrant Visa (M)

The M Visa is for foreigners who wish to enter or remain in Colombia with the intention of establishing themselves with temporary residence. There are many types of Migrant Visas including:

Annuity / Rentista
Business Owner

Colombia Resident Visa (R)

The Resident visa is intended for those aspiring to establish themselves or begin a permanent residency in Colombia and can happen through a variety of different types of R visas.

Parent of Colombian National
Returning Colombia
Colombia Resident Visa assistance service for expats in colombia

During our consultation, we can identify your unique situation and decide what options you may have for staying in Colombia. You can reach out directly to Paula Cruz at to book your appointment today!

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